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How can I join in?

Contact us on 07825411122, Facebook, or linsey@aeronautstrampolineclub.co.uk to find out about the availability of our weekly sessions. If you would like to try trampolining, come along to our Saturday recreational sessions in Hartlepool - no need to call or pre-book.

Do I need membership or insurance?

After you have been to two sessions you need to become a member of both our club and British Gymnastics (our national governing body) if you would like to continue. Membership is paid every year and within the cost, insurance from BG is included. These fees also help the club maintain equipment and pay for coach education. Membership is an annual fee taken each October, regardless of when a member first joins the club.

Do different sessions have different age groups or abilities?

All of our sessions are for people of any age and ability. Participants will be grouped around the trampolines according to ability so that coaches can be suitably matched with gymnasts.

What should I wear?

Sports clothing is always best. Clothing shouldn't be loose fitting or have any buttons/zips - denim is not allowed. Socks must be worn on the trampolines. Any jewellery (including piercings) must be removed before starting any session and all long hair must be tied back. It is at the coaches' disgression whether or not participants are suitably dressed to join in.

Are parents/carers allowed to stay in and watch?

For our weekday training sessions, parents/carers are not permitted in the hall. Children should be dropped off at the start of the session and collected again at the end. This allows sessions to start promptly and ensures both children and coaches aren't distracted. Parents/carers are allowed to stay in the hall for the Saturday recreational sessions - this is the perfect opportunity to see how your child is progressing!

I already have BG insurance. Do I have to pay again?

No. If you already take part in gymnasts elsewhere and you have BG insurance, then bring along your BG number to your first session and the cost will be taken off your yearly fees. Also ensure that you update your BG account to include your participation in our club.

How do I pay for sessions?

All weekday sessions are paid for in monthly blocks. Payment should be paid by standing order. Full details can be found in the membership section. Saturday recreational sessions are paid for on the day. Please pay the coaches upon arrival.

Can I achieve awards or track my progress?

Every couple of months, participants can be tested against the British Gymnastics Trampoline Award Scheme. Badges will be awarded when gymnasts can demonstrate the skills and routines to the required standard. Upon passing a badge, gymnasts will be given a slip to take away to let their parents/carers know and you can purchase the corresponding certificate and badge in class. Training diaries are also available to purchase in class. Please use these with your coach in class to track progression